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Mrs Gifty Clottey – Director

Mrs Gifty Clottey Armah has been with MTN over a decade (10 years) working at the Sales and Distribution department. Over the years she has been working with people making sure they are satisfied with the services they are being provided with. Her passion when growing up was to see that everybody was happy in life and is being provided with the basics needs in life. This passion led her start teaching at the Sunday school where she takes care of the children and caters for their needs. She once had a discussion with her partner that in the near future, she will be serving lunch to needy children, something that will later turn into a home for the needy. She was so happy when MyHelp-YourHelp Foundation was formed to take care of the less privileged people in society and being part of it is a dream comes true. She believes that everything she has in this life was given to her by God, so her worship to God is to see that the needs of the less privileged children are met. The scriptures say; True Worship is to see that the needs of the widow and orphans are met and that is what she stands for.

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